Saba Stone

Saba Stone, based on more than 25 years background on the stone industry, in aim to limitations removal on colour or pattern selection, and to harmonize on Creativity and Art, has achieved to create unique collection of the Natural Stones. The ultimate capability of generating complex ideas to the stone figures, let the architects and designers to materialize their illusions. To respond to current construction industry needs, Saba Stone has established the “Technical Engineering” found with wide variety of pro services such as as-built plans, execution plans, cutting plans, coding, and so on. Gathering our experts side by side on project designers and architects guarantee the best possible results. Our commitment is to stand on the highest level of job responsibility and product quality, and to keep go on as Market Leader…

our services


The SABA STONE sales professional, based on the ideas, type of projects, usage and features of stones, let you have the best possible pick, with minimum excess and maximum efficiency.


The SABA STONE survey team, by engaging the most advanced technology and devices, prepare the precise cutting plans, according to the usage, installation point, deformities, arcs and so on.

Design & Plans

The SABA STONE design department is ready to response wide range of the market needs. Comparing the available slabs size with the installation plans, 3D   modeling,visualizing and so on, let you have the right decisions.

Cutting & Profiling

The SABA STONE technical department, based on as-built plans, prepare the stone parts, cross checking dimensions, coding each part based on installation plans, and send them to profiling line. In profiling line, using the most professional CNC cutting and profiling machines based on the specified requests and plans, the shaping process runs.

Quality Control

At this stage, the cutted and profiled stones are adapted to the existing plans. The stones pass the quality approvement procedures.

Packing, Shipping & Installation

After finishing and inspecting required plans, according to the size and shipping procedure we pack and ship the orders to the project location. THE SABA STONE installation team, let you have the best result of your purchase, regardless of how simple or complex is your idea. Our well- trained installation crew reduce the risk of installing, and guaranty the best output.